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For a while now at VelvetVolcano we have been working towards using as little single-use plastic as possible and making our packaging as environmentally friendly as we can. 

I am so happy to be at the stage we are now with our packaging where ALL of it is either recyclable or re-usable ^_^. Let me talk you through it...

Photograph showing packaging materials and tools including green bubblewrap with text saying 'Recyclable & reusable Bubble Wrap made from a minimum of 75% recycled materials', white packing peanuts with text saying 'void fill 100% biodegradable & compostable', bright pink shredded paper with text saying 'shredded paper 100% biodegradable & recyclable', black paper bags with white polka dot design with text saying 'paper bags 100% biodegradable & recyclable', light pink plastic mailing bags with text saying 'mailing bags 100% recyclable', white customs declaration labels, a grey fineliner pen with orange top and a pair of scissors with orange handles are shown at the bottom of the image.

When you buy a pair of sunglasses from VelvetVolcano, they will come wrapped in bubble wrap made with a minimum 75% recycled materials, that is fully recyclable (YAY!) and then wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with paper washi tape and a sticker (instead of sellotape which we are trying to use as little as possible of) - these are then placed in a fully re-usable and recyclable cardboard box and cushioned with void fill made from potato starch (which is compostable and 100% biodegradable) and shredded paper (in hot pink and black, both are biodegradable and recyclable *psst, and reusable too of course! ;)* and the black is made from 100% recycled paper too!).

Our jewellery is packaged in a similar way, though occasionally due to size we need to use bubble envelopes which are made of plastic bubble wrap and paper covering, to our knowledge these can be recycled if the paper and bubble wrap is separated and we are working to find a better option. They can of course be re-used too! :) Lots of jewellery orders are shipped in a small cardboard box and will be wrapped in our recycled bubble wrap and then popped into a cute printed bag and sealed with a sticker, ready to gift or just as a little treat to yourself ^_^. 

For our crochet items, everything is wrapped in tissue paper and finished with a crochet 'ribbon' with a matching flower (or eyeball if you buy an item from our 'Eye See You' Collection) that can be worn as a bracelet, choker and many other things - PLUS it can also be re-used to wrap a gift for a friend or loved one! Most items are shipped in cardboard boxes or board backed recyclable paper envelopes and some are shipped in 100% recyclable pink mailing bags (that can also be re-used time and time again too!).

Crochet Flowers in Purple and Orange with braided strands in turquoise and yellow

Crochet Flowers worn as a bracelet


Photo shows 2 flyers, 2 small paper bags, a sticker, a button badge and a business card on a wooden backdrop. To the left of the image the first flyer features a cartoon cat inspired by Frankenksteins Monster in a graveyard with tombstones and bats, the sky is purple. The flyer to the right of this features a rainbow with clouds underneath it and a sunburst style turquoise background with stars. Above the flyers is a black paper bag with white polka dots, laying flat. Below the flyers is a bright pink and white striped paper bag, laying flat. On top of this bag is a round sticker featuring the FrankenKitty design, next to a business card with the same design and on the right of that is a FrankenKitty badge design.

A peek at our new branding, when you order something spooky you receive our 'FrankenKItty' design flyer (and a care card if you are purchasing crochet-wear) and sticker (or badge when you spend over £20) and when you purchase something cute or sweet you receive our rainbow design goodies ^_^. Artwork by Emma Hodgson of Ctrlaltdelete Design



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