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Our Yarn Colours

The majority of our products are made with acrylic yarn but we do stock some yarns in cottons and some other fibres too, if you are interested in having a product made in cotton instead of acrylic, please contact us via our contact page.
In regards to our acrylic yarn, we have 42 'standard' colours in this range.

By colour this is as follows:

Rose Red and Burgundy Yarn Colours
Red Shades:
Rose Red is a vibrant true red that sits evenly between a warm and a cool toned red.
Burgundy is a rich, dark red and reminiscent of red wine.
Orange Yarn Shades
Orange Shades:
Pumpkin is a bright and warm toned orange that fits well with both a vibrant summer theme or a cosy autumnal theme
Neon Orange is a very bright and citrusy orange and pairs really well with other super bright shades
Peach is a somewhat vibrant (as opposed to muted) pastel, very pink toned orange shade
Yellow Yarn Shades
Yellow Shades:
Banana is a very pale pastel yellow, more reminiscent of banana pudding than the skin of a banana
Daffodil is a mid-toned pastel yellow and feels like a spring day
Neon Yellow is a super vibrant, slightly more warm toned highlighter yellow shade
Buttercup is a beautiful bright sunshine yellow
Mustard is a more golden, richer yellow that feels very autumnal
Green Yarn Shades
Green Shades:
Spearmint is a beautiful pastel green shade and is similar to the colour of green mint choc chip ice cream
Neon Green is an almost fluorescent light green shade
Emerald is a bright, almost grass like green but has a rich jewel toned feel to it
Sage is almost like a light grey mixed with a small touch of pastel green, it's a very unique shade
Forest is a rich dark green, reminiscent of wandering through a dense wooded area.
Turquoise Yarn Shades
Turquoise and Aqua Shades:
Sea Foam is a very pale greenish blue that looks like the foam from the waves of a beautiful clear turquoise sea
Aspen is pale but bright teal shade
Turquoise is a beautiful bright cyan shade
Blue Yarn Shades
Blue Shades:
Duck Egg is the perfect baby blue
Dolphin is a muted blue shade with a splash of grey
Kingfisher is a bright blue that pairs well with our Neon colours and is almost like a slightly darker and brighter sky blue
Royal Blue is a rich, bright true blue shade and works great in a rainbow
Navy is a very dark blue like a night sky just before it turns black
Purple Yarn Shades
Purple Shades:
Lavender is a cool toned pale purple
Lilac is a warm toned pale purple, very close to pink
Violet is a bright and rich royal purple that pairs really well with spooky and Halloween themes as well as being a great addition to the rainbow
Aubergine is a dark purple just like it's vegetable namesake
Pink Yarn Shades
Pink Shades:
Baby Pink is a beautiful very pale pastel pink shade that sits evenly between warm and cool tones
Blush is a very warm toned and yellow tinged pink, quite similar to a peach shade but more muted
Bubblegum is a sweet, fun and cheerful slightly more vibrant and brighter pastel pink shade
Neon Pink is a super bright, highlighter pink shade
Cerise is a bright, warm toned "hot" pink 
Raspberry is a darker cool toned pink
White and Cream Yarn Shades
White and Cream Shades:
White is a pure, bright, cooler toned paper white shade
Champagne is a warm toned creamy white (great if you prefer a warmer toned white)
Vanilla is a light and creamy beige shade that looks a bit like a vanilla wafer
Brown and Black Yarn Shades
Brown and Black Shades:
Fudge is a warm, light brown shade that looks just like creamy vanilla fudge
Coffee is a rich and warm medium brown shade, like a coffee bean
Black is a pure, very dark Black shade
Grey Yarn Shades
Grey Shades:
Granite is a very dark grey shade, just a few shades lighter than black
Slate is a lovely mid-toned grey that pairs well with both warm and cool tones
Storm is a very pale grey, just a shade or two darker than pure white
To help you visualise the colours even further we have organised them both by whether they are cool toned, warm toned or neutrals and for the main colour chart we also show them in curated colour palettes, where most are in rainbow order. 
VelvetVolcano Acrylic Yarn Colour Chart, showcasing 42 different colours
VelvetVolcano Yarn Colour Chart - Cool Tones, showing purples, blues, turquoises and greens
VelvetVolcano Warm Tones Acrylic Yarn Colour Chart, showing Reds, Pinks, Oranges and Yellows
VelvetVolcano Neutral Tones Acrylic Yarn Colour Chart, showing Whites, Creams, Browns, Blacks and Greys
 We are happy to show you an edited example of your chosen colour combination before purchase if you would like to check that the colours go well together, so as above, please message us via our contact page ^_^.
Though we have tried to get a nice big range of colours to suit everyone, if there is a more specific colour you'd like an item in or if you want an item from the website that doesn't have custom colour options in the listing, pop us a message and we can work this out for you! 




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