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Hey gals and ghouls :)

If you follow me on social media you may have already seen that I have launched 'Planet VelvetVolcano' my Indiegogo campaign where I am hoping to raise funds to expand VelvetVolcano into a fashion and home wares brand too!

So, you may be wondering.. Why am I asking for your support?
Though I think every creator deserves support in their journey, there is a specific reason why I have set up this campaign. 
I have struggled with varying degrees of illness all my life, some I have battled and conquered and some still firmly have their hold on me and often make running my business (or functioning at all) very difficult (and on some days, impossible). 
When I started VV it was without any funding and with very little money as I was (and am) physically unable to get a 'standard' job, I kept building VV with the money I was making but without any additional funding, it was very difficult to expand the brand any further. 
Since then, while trying to find a balance between keeping myself well and building my business, every penny had been going straight back into my business (for supplies) and to making sure I'm well enough to continue it (and mostly to the latter, which as a workaholic, I find very frustrating :) ).
Working from home gives me pretty flexible hours and allows me to work hard when I'm feeling good and to have some much needed rest when my body is fighting me, something I would not be able to get in a 'normal' job. VelvetVolcano also gives me great joy and a feeling of control which I often feel desperately out of when my illnesses are flaring. 
But as described in the video above, running a business with little to no funding behind it makes it very difficult to progress… and there are still so many sparkly things in VelvetVolcano’s future.

Check out my video below for more details on the campaign and my main goals.

Your support would not only mean the world to me but it would help ensure I have a stable income and help me to continue doing what I love. 
I have many plans to build VelvetVolcano, but without any additional funding, they will not be possible, so hopefully this campaign can be beneficial to both of us :). 

So please check out the campaign, share and/or grab some amazing savings (up to a whopping £50!)

Much love and sparklies,


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