My adventures with 'No-(Sham)Poo'

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Hey Gals and Ghouls!

It's still early days, but I wanted to let you know about something I've been trying and so far having great results with - No-Poo!
Yes, I know the name sounds a little strange and as if I could become very constipated (sorry! :P ) at the end of it... or become some kind of supernatural being.. (?).. but no! This means no shampoo!

The 'No-Poo' movement has been gaining more and more exposure in recent times and I finally decided to take the plunge after a few years of researching, feeling overwhelmed, buying yet another cruelty free 'natural' shampoo, having dry frizzy hair and a horribly itchy scalp, researching and rinse and repeat ;).

My personal method is as follows..
'Shampoo' with baking soda and warm water - massage into scalp as you would regular shampoo and rinse.
Baking Soda
Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar (I use Biona, which I get in a 5 L jug *as I LOVE the stuff* here ), with half a cup of water and a generous dose of peppermint and lavender oil, which takes away the overly vinegary smell and makes my scalp feel super tingly and invigorated :D. I pop this mixture into a spray bottle, give it a bit of a shake and then spray enough to 'coat' my scalp, the remaining liquid is poured over the rest of my Afghan Hound-esque mane of hair, that can and does often double as a scarf (spraying this would be impossible :P but may be more do-able for those with shorter locks - I envy you ;) ). I leave for a few minutes and then rinse (with cold water if I can stand it).
Peppermint Oil
My hair has never been this smooth, soft and shiny after washing.. ever! My scalp has never felt this good, is very rarely itchy and my huge mane of frizzy long hair has now been tamed! I will try and get some photos together if possible when a little more time has passed... but I am officially a convert. No more (shamp)poo for me!

To find out a little bit more about the 'No Poo' method, here are a couple of my favourite links..
'The No Poo Method'
'One Year Without Shampoo'

Have you or would you try it?


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