Sunshine Tassel Wall Hanging with Pocket

Sunshine Tassel Wall Hanging with Pocket

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Bring the beautiful sunshine inside and brighten up any area of your home with this super-cute Sunshine Tassel Wall Hanging.

Each crocheted piece of wall art is made by hand and features a turquoise main colour, multicoloured rainbow tassel trim and a handy little pocket, adorned with a smiley yellow sun. This colourful home decor item doubles as a smile-inducing decoration AND excellent storage for those little things that you frequently misplace because they don't have a home. 

Use it to store your keys, as a magical pouch for your little one to keep their teeth for the tooth fairy, a place to store mini love letters, affirmations, notes or y'know, you could stuff it with sweeties 😜 - we're not here to judge! ^_^ 


Birch Hardwood Dowel

Turquoise 100% acrylic yarn banner with a Buttercup Yellow sun appliqué adorning a Turquoise pocket, braided Turquoise hanger and trimmed with Rose Red, Pumpkin Orange, Buttercup Yellow, Emerald Green, Royal Blue and Violet Tassels.


Full length including hanger: 11.5 inches

Banner: 8 inches high and 6 inches wide

Pocket: 3.5 inches square

Dowel Width: 6 1/4 inches 

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